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Nov 4, 2017

In Episode 4 we interview Kashmir Hill (@kashhill) and Reese Piper (@thenudereporter). We also talk about the new Patreon content guidelines.

We start by discussing Patron's new content guidelines, which many creators fear will lead to a crackdown on adult content. PJ reads an excerpt from the "Open Letter to Patreon" posted by Liara Roux. We recommend Samantha Cole's "Adult Content Creators: Patreon Is Doing ‘the Exact Opposite of What We Asked For’" in Vice's "Motherboard."

We then interview Kashmir Hill, a San Francisco-based investigative reporter with Gizmodo Media Group, who writes about technology and privacy. She talks to us about her recent article on how Facebook's "People You May Know" feature outs sex workers.

We also discuss the many ways Facebook/Instagram algorithms may put marginalized people (sex workers, queer youth, domestic abuse survivors, etc.) at risk as well as possible ways of safeguarding your identity.

You can find the uploaded contacts feature mentioned in this segment at:

Finally, we chat with Reese Piper, a stripper, autistic woman, and journalist, who reports on sex work challenges, migrant issues, and the secret lives of autistic women. We discuss her work as a stripper both in Australia and in Manhattan, and the challenges she has faced understanding the complex environment of strip clubs as an autistic woman.

We also talk about the FckShameProject (@FckShameProject), a platform she helped to create in order for sex workers to be able to talk about bad days or trauma that they experience in their work without condemning sex work as a whole.