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Oct 3, 2018

Episode 26 is a special episode, brought to you from Eyebeam in Brooklyn, NYC. We cover Hacking//Hustling: A Platform for Sex Workers in a Post SESTA World with a combination of interviews and captured audio.

We discuss the need for a sex worker centered tech conferences with Ingrid Burrington, an Eyebeam art resident who helped to facilitate the event. We then move to footage of the sex worker panel that kicked off the event. We feature snippets of Tina Horn, Lorelei Lee, Danielle Blunt, and Melissa Gira Grant.

We also talk to Brit Schulte, who curated the Whores Will Rise: Protest Art and Resistant Ephemera Against FOSTA/SESTA, the art exhibit running in conjunction with the event; and we talk to Joanna Gould and Sally Szwed, Eyebeam staff.

Finally, we bring you three longer interviews. First, we talk to Sophie Searcy from t4tech, about digital hygiene; second, to sex worker Tourma, and her client Rick about their trip to the conference together; and, lastly, to Danielle Blunt and Melissa Gira Grant about their reflections on the conference as a whole.