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Jan 25, 2018

We begin Episode 8 discussing OK Cupid’s policy change push users to use real first names.  We look at Kate Conger’s (@kateconger) article, “OK Cupid’s Real Name Policy is Dumb.”

Next we chat with Julian Gill-Peterson (@gpjulian) about his upcoming book Histories of the Transgender Child, which shatters the widespread myth that today’s transgender children are a brand new generation. He does this by uncovering a previously unknown twentieth century history during which they not only existed, but played a central role in the medicalization of trans life. 

 Finally, we chat with Cam4 Cam Coach Nikki Night (@Nikki_Night). We talked to Nikki about her work as a cam model, how she got into coaching, and what sort of advice she gives to new models. We also talked a lot about constructions of gender, the art of erotic performance, and the value of sex work.