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Jul 13, 2020

I’m just living my life, this is my healing journey. People don’t get it, but I often say kink and sex are my medicine, and they are mine to have; it is a thing that brings me joy because I have control over that now. -Ignacio Rivera

CW: Childhood Sexual Abuse 

In Episode 60 of the Peepshow Podcast, we interview Ignacio Rivera, MA, a cultural sociologist who specializes in sexual trauma, healing, and liberation for marginalized people.

They are the founder and executive director at HEAL Project. The HEAL Project works to prevent and end childhood sexual abuse through healing the wounds of sexual oppression and embracing sexual liberation.

Rivera has also worked in the adult industry as Papi Coxxx.

They talk to us about healing from childhood sexual abuse, paths to sexual liberation, and why sex education needs to focus on communication, boundaries, and consent.  

This episode is sponsored by After Adult PodcastQuick and Dirty Media, and Trouble Films.