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Dec 21, 2017

In Episode 7, we interview cam model Ginger Banks (@gingerbanks1) and journalist EJ Dickson (@ejdickson) about the sexual assault allegations leveled against Ron Jeremy. 

These allegations are nothing new, but what is new is the attention that they are now garnering and so what we explore in this episode is what has changed in the industry and in society writ large so that these allegations are finally getting attention.

Importantly, we see the stakes of this story as being much bigger than Jeremy’s reputation. We are focusing on this story because it speaks to a much broader question of whose allegations of sexual assault are believed or even heard.

As background to the episode:

Ginger Banks put together the following YouTube video, which chronicles the story:

Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Ron Jeremy and Exxxotica's Resonse

Jessie Sage wrote a short blog reflecting on the story as a spectator and Chicago’s Exxxotica:

Ron Jeremy, Exxxotica, and Twitter as a Form of Resistance

EJ Dickson wrote a piece for Rolling Stone about Ron Jeremy:

Inside Ron Jeremy Sexual Misconduct Allegations

We end this special edition of the Peepshow Podcast by reflecting on the fact that the experiences that so many women in and around the adult industry describe of being sexual violated cannot be blamed on one bad apple. Responsibility also belongs to a society that creates conditions for pervasive sexual assault by dismissing women and stigmatizing sex workers.