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Apr 26, 2018

We are really excited to bring you a special episode that examines the interplay between sexuality and motherhood.

After a brief update on some changes in the podcast and in our lives, we discuss two recent articles that came out after FOSTA/SESTA were signed into law. The first is a DailyBeast article written by Amy Zimmerman about the ways in which FOSTA/SESTA is putting sex workers at risk. The second is a BuzzFeed article written by Jenny Heineman and Brook Wagner about the lack of meaningful data on sex trafficking.

We then move on to the theme of our show: motherhood. We first talk to Burlesque performer Ruby Rockafella, who performed and modeled throughout her pregnancy. She talks to us about what that experience was like for her and why continuing to perform as a mother is important to her.

We then do something unconventional for our show: a roundtable discussion rather than an interview. In this roundtable, Penny Trait, Alex Bishop, and Peepshow Podcast co-host Jessie Sage talk about the unique challenges of being both sex workers and mothers. We also talk about some burgeoning projects they are working on to help sex worker mamas in need.