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Feb 11, 2018

This is a special episode coming out of the BDYHAX Convention in Austin, TX. PJ and I had the opportunity to be there last week. The convention is a 3-day celebration of human enhancement, transhumanism, and biohacking that brings together industry experts, curious newcomers, and everyone in between. We spend this episode talking to several of the people who both spoke at and attended the convention.

We first bring you a short interview with convention Director and Co-founder Trever Goodman (@Beluosa), who talks to us about body hacking generally, and about SexTech Friday, which is new to the convention this year. 

We then bring you some field recordings of conversations with conference attendees. 

Lastly, we talk to Angel Giuffria (@aannggeellll), a bionic actress and congenital amputee. She talks about representation as an actor of difference and integrating prosthesis into her body; and Hilary Malatino (@HilaryMalatino),   of Then we have three interviews for you: First we talk to Convention Director Trevor Goodman, and then to host, Angel Giuffria, and lastly to speaker Hiliary Malatino about the history of intersex medicine.